Sargent 8815-ETL

Sargent 8815-ETL Rim Exit Device Panic Bar, Trim Always Operable-Passage Lever

  • $1,260.40

Sargent Rim Exit Device 8815-ETL

This always-operable passage lever, model 8815-ETL from Sargent, features non-keyed passage function and "ETL" trim. Sargent exit devices are ideal for use in all institutions, office spaces, and healthcare facilities. Sargent exit devices are quality-made commercial door hardware.

The SARGENT 80 series devices include applications for a variety of door types and commercial door hardware. Whether you're using a vertical rod, mortise locks, wood or metal doors, heavy duty doors, or commercial door closers, there's a SARGENT panic bar for you. These devices provide the best combination of simplicity, strength, durability, aesthetics and innovation.

Sargent 8800 series exit devices are available to accept an "SFIC" Best, Arrow or Falcon interchangeable core.


Sargent Rim Exit Device 8815 ETL

Sargent Rim Exit Device 8815-ETL