Sargent 8810 Exit Device, Exit only, No Outside Trim, Select Finish, Select Handing, Select Bar Length 36" or 48" , Select Fire Rated or Non Rated


Sargent Finish: -US32D, Satin Stainless Steel (630)
Sargent Fire Rating: Non-Fire Rated
Sargent Rail Length: -F, For Doors Widths from 33" to 36"
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Sargent Exit Device - 8810

The 8810 Sargent Exit Device is exit only with no outside trim. This exit device can be customized with select finish, select handing, select bar length 36" or 48", and select fire rated or non-rated.

Technical Specs
Physical Appearance Wide Stile Pushpad
Device Type Rim
Mechanical Function Exit Only
Device Length 36" or 48"
Dogging Options Hex Key Dogging
Includes Trim NO
Trim Type Less trim
Includes Cylinder(s) No
Cylinder Type None
Minimum Stile Size 4-3/4"
Door Material Metal or Wood
Door Width Optional
Door Thickness 1-3/4" - 2-1/4"
Fire Rated Optional
Reversible Yes
Product Type Rim Exit Devices



The Sargent 8810 Exit Device, also known as a panic bar, is applied to the surface of the door, making installation simple. This device was built for exit-only functionality, no outside operation included. Trim sold separately.

This Sargent panic device is perfect for wood or metal doors 1-3/4" thick with 4-1/2" minimum stile. Its excellent design ensures quiet operation and solid security.

Sargent exit devices are ideal for use in all institutions, office spaces, and healthcare facilities. Quality made Grade-1 commercial door hardware. Designed for standard width stile applications on wood and metal doors, this single point rim latching device is made for both single door and double door applications.

Sargent Exit Device - 8810

Panic Handing Chart

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