Sargent 56-12-NB8713-F-ETL-84-US10B

Sargent 56-12-NB8713-F-ETL-84-US10B Top Latch Surface Vertical Rod Fire Rated 36" Exit Device with Electric Latch Retraction - 84" Height, Oxidized Satin Bronze / Oil Rubbed

  • $2,172.00

Sargent 56-12-NB8713-F-ETL-84-US10B Top Latch Surface Vertical Rod Fire Rated Exit Device has ETL Lever trim, Key Locks or Unlocks Outside Lever. The Sargent 56-12-NB8713-F-ETL-84-US10B has Electric Latch Retraction and is Fire Rated. The 56-12-NB8713-ETL-84 has a 84" high rod and comes 36 rail length and is in US10B Finish. E Mail For Other Finishes Or Options, The 56-12-NB8713-F-ETL-84-US10B Is a Grade One Exit Device Ideal For Commercial And Institutional Facilities. 

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