Sargent 41-HA-US3-KD, Mortise Cylinder, 1 1/8 Length, 6 Pin HA Keyway, Keyed Different, Bright Brass


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The Sargent 41 HA US3 KD Mortise Cylinder is 1-1/8" Long, has a HA Keyway, comes with 2 keys, is Keyed Differently and comes in US3 Bright Bronze Finish.

Sargent 40 Series Mortise Cylinders‚ are high quality conventional cylinders available in a number of different keyways and finishes.

Sargent mortise cylinders are made from solid brass and have a brass, bronze or stainless steel face cap available‚ in all architectural‚ finishes. They are furnished standard with number 97 rosette and compression spring. Optional collars and spacers are available and ordered separately. Sargent mortise cylinders are available in lengths ranging from 1-1/8‚³ through 3‚³, minimum length for 7-Pin is 1-1/4‚³. They are provided standard with Sargent offset cam number 13-0664, other cams are available.

Cylinder Type: Mortise Cylinder
Finish: US3/605 Bright Brass Steel
Base Material: Stainless Steel
Pins:‚  6
Keyway: HA
Keying: Keyed Different
Number of Keys: 2
Cylinder Length: 1-1/8"
Cam Type: Sargent, Yale

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