Sargent 34 RA KD Rim Cylinder - RA Keyway, Keyed Different, 6 Pin


Finish: US32D-630 Satin Stainless Steel
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The Sargent‚ 34 RA KD Rim Cylinder, has a RA Keyway, comes with 2 keys, and is Keyed Differently

  • 27/32‚³ (21mm) screw pattern for through-bolted SARGENT exit devices
  • Cylinder: Solid brass
  • Furnished standard with No. 97 rosette and compression spring, “break-off‚� screws, and back plate
  • 6 pin standard
  • Horizontal tailpiece only
Cylinder Type: Rim Cylinder
Pins: 6
Keyway: RA
Keying: Keyed‚ Different
Keys: Cut
Number of Keys: 2
Base Material: Stainless Steel

630/US32D Satin Stainless Steel Finish
US10B/613 Oil Rubbed Bronze
US10/612 Satin Bronze
US3/605 Bright Brass

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