Sargent 12-8813-F-ETL-US32D

Sargent 12-8813-F-ETL-US32D Fire Rated Rim Panic Device,Key Locks/Unlocks Outside Lever

  • $1,260.40

The SARGENT 12-8813-F-ETL-US32D Fire Rated Rim Exit Device, Panic Bar , Grade 1 Commercial Exit Device With ETL Lever Trim-Keylocks/unlocks control 33"-36" Door Widths, Satin Stainless Steel Finish. See Manuf Spec's 

Sargent Exit Devices Cylinder Option  Are Available To Accept a "SFIC" Best, Arrow Or Falcon Interchangeable Core Select "70" Prefix in Core Options, Call Or E Mail For Cores Or Keying Options, We Can Key To Your Specifications.

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